Friday - June 3, 2005

Current Desktop feature

I ripped off the idea from another blog I read, but I have added a feature to the left side of my main site that gives you the current desktop/background on my Mac. You can click the image to open up the full size image in a separate window. Most of them will be 1280x1024 resolution because that's what I use at home, so you'll have to do your own resizing if needed. I'll keep them rated PG-13 or less.

Now, in case you're wondering how I update the image. I use a feature in Mac OS 10.4 (Tiger) called Automator. I created a script and assigned it to a right-click menu. The basic flow is:

Click an image -> it is copied to a temp directory -> renamed to desktop.jpg -> uploaded to my website -> resized to thumbnail -> renamed to tn_desktop.jpg -> uploaded to my website -> set the background locally on the Mac -> temp files are deleted

Clear as mud eh? If you would like a copy of the workflow, let me know. Also, to do the upload, I used the Actions that are included as part of Transmit 3.2.

Posted by jcraven at 1:52 PM