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Monday - April 28, 2008

Draft weekend

Overall, I think the Dolphins did a pretty good job on their picks. They're hurting in so many places, there's nowhere to go but up. For a full list of the new Dolphins click here.

Also, Appalachian had two players drafted, Dexter Jackson by the Buccaneers and Corey Lynch by the Bengals. Also, Kerry Brown was signed as a free agent with the Redskins and Julian Rauch with the Steelers.

Only 96 days until the preseason opener.

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Wednesday - April 23, 2008

I'm still alive

Today was our Global Bike to Work Day. We had company wide participation from the US to Europe/Middle East to Eastern Asia. Ken and I spent a week or so perfecting our route, which ended up being around 10.5 miles. Well I'm proud to say, that I made it the full distance in around 90 minutes, although I definitely held Ken up. We'll see how I feel this afternoon to decide if I'm going to make the return trip or not......

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Friday - April 18, 2008

Free Voltron

Xbox Live Video Marketplace has the first episode of Voltron available for free download. It's one of my favorites from childhood, but I'm not sure how well it holds up after 20 years.

Space Explorers Captured 9/10/1984 23 minutes SD Format: 0
Travel to Planet Arus and uncover the secret of a weapon from ancient times — Voltron! Keith, Lance, Sven, Hunk and Pidge arrive too late, the planet has already been completely devastated by the evil forces of King Zarkon. They engage in battle with Zarkon's general, Yurak, only to be captured and thrown into the dungeons on Planet Doom.

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Thursday - April 17, 2008

Soul Calibur goodness

sc4_pub_2d_cassandoraNamco announced Soul Calibur IV will ship on July 29th. I'll definitely pick it up, since I've always enjoyed the series. I won't hold anything against them for making SC3 a PS2 exclusive.

They also announced the original Soulcalibur will be avaialble from the Xbox Live Arcade (sorry no PSN release). They didn't provide a release date, but I assume it will be prior to July 29th. You can find the press release here.

Finally, if you have no idea what I'm talking about, check out the most recent trailer here and the one from last Fall here. I'm not thrilled about the Star Wars guest characters, but I guess I'll overlook that.

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Wednesday - April 16, 2008

Death with Big Pointy Teeth

Last night we went to see Spamalot. Everything about it was great, and I highly recommend it for any fans of the film. I'd go see it again, maybe next time with better seats.

I even purchased a souvenir can of SPAM.

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Wednesday - April 9, 2008

Flickr adds video support

Today Flickr announced they're adding support for videos. Further details can be found here, and their FAQ can be found here.

The caveats include the requirement to have a Pro account, and each file is currently limited to 150MB and 90sec. I've watched some of the content, and it appears to be very good quality. I don't think they're aiming to directly compete with YouTube. As an existing Pro member, I'll definitely take any new features that add to the value of my membership.

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Sunday - April 6, 2008

Congrats Kansas

Wow who would've guessed? I guess that just proves you can't overlook any team. I bet some people lost a lot of money in Vegas.

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Tuesday - April 1, 2008

Free Rock Band DLC today

I'm hoping this isn't an April Fool's joke, but Still Alive is supposedly available for free today. I'll have to check it out when I get home. Details here.

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