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Monday - February 25, 2008

HD DVD fire sale begins

Microsoft officially lowered the price of the HD DVD drive to $49.99, and includes 6 free movies and the universal remote. Best Buy already has their site updated.

Even with a dead format, it may be worth picking it up. It works fine with a PC too.

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Tuesday - February 19, 2008

It's over

Toshiba finally announced that HD DVD is dead. The official announcement is here. /cry

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Thursday - February 14, 2008

Dolphins to release Zach Thomas

It's a sad day for Dolphins fans. In a cost cutting move, the Dolphins released Zach Thomas. The Miami Herald has the story here, and a photo montage here. Zach was not only a great player for the Dolphins, but a great leader. Hopefully he'll have success in the future. I just hope he doesn't end up with the Pats like Junior Seau, Wes Welker, and Larry Izzo.

This week they also axed 9 other players, including Marty Booker, Keith Traylor, and Trent Green. Man, I hope they do something good with all that money.

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NBC new episodes

Today, NBC announced their plans for new episodes. The good news is that The Office will return in April. The bad news is that Heroes won't be back until the Fall. Oh well, you win some, you lose some.

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Wednesday - February 13, 2008

More ASU vs LSU goodness

This time from ESPN.com. I especially enjoy this paragraph:

Florida State, North Carolina and Georgia Tech all declined, according to Sutton. The Tar Heels, perhaps wary of losing to an in-state opponent, opted instead to play another regular FCS playoff participant, McNeese State. Florida State and Clemson -- both of which are playing two lower-division foes next season -- opted for less-threatening teams from Appalachian State's conference, Western Carolina and The Citadel.

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It looks like the WGA strike is over. You can find more details here. So we could see some scripted shows return over the next month or two.

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Monday - February 11, 2008

ASU Football schedule posted

You can find the schedule at GoASU.com. National champ vs National champ matchup for game one. Who knows, could be interesting.....

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Netflix goes Blu-Ray only

The end is near....

If anybody sees closeout sales for HD-DVD discs, let me know. :)

UPDATE: Looks like Best Buy is backing Blu too.

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Tuesday - February 5, 2008

Tracking shipments via RSS

I found a helpful utulity today that's great if you regularly browse RSS feeds. track2rss pulls tracking info from UPS, FedEx, DHL, or USPS and creates an RSS feed so you can easily monitor the status of your shipment. I don't know why the carriers themselves don't provide this functionality.

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Monday - February 4, 2008


This is too awesome.... Perfectville.

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I'm sure there are some unhappy people around Boston and Las Vegas, but everybody I know loves the fact that New England lost last night. SI.com has a nice write-up here.

By tradition, members of the '72 Dolphins uncork champagne bottles every autumn when the NFL's last remaining unbeaten goes down. This time, the party didn't happen until Sunday night, when the Giants handed the New England Patriots their first loss -- in their 19th game.

"Obviously, we're proud to still be the only undefeated team in the history of the National Football League," former Dolphins running back Jim Kiick said in a statement. "We're proud of it. Why shouldn't we be?"

The '72 Dolphins cast a long shadow over this Super Bowl. Kiick, Garo Yepremian, Larry Little and Mercury Morris gathered Friday for a media briefing. And in many local bars it was easy to find an argument over who would go down as the greater team -- the Dolphins or this year's Patriots.

That debate is moot now. The Patriots' inexorable march on the Dolphins died in the desert.

Former Dolphins coach Don Shula watched from a suite, an unfamiliar vantage point for the Hall of Famer.

"What I learned today is how tough it is to go undefeated," Shula said. "That's why I'm even more proud of our '72 team than I've ever been. It shows it's a tremendous accomplishment. It hadn't been done before we went undefeated and it hasn't been done since."

In November, Shula said the Patriots' success was diminished by the spying scandal. In January, he acknowledged that because the Patriots threaten to match his team's perfect-season achievement, his comments could be interpreted as sour grapes

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