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Tuesday - May 29, 2007

More movies

Last weekend, I saw 28 Weeks Later with Scott. I enjoyed it, and concur with his mini-review.

Saturday night, we rented Sleeping Dogs Lie (aka Stay) from Xbox Live Marketplace. This romantic comedy, written by Bob Goldthwait, is a little different than most. The female lead has a secret she hides from everyone, which she reveals in the first 30 seconds of the film. I won't go into details, but a dog was involved, and she needed mouthwash afterwards.... I think you can connect the dots. If you're ok with the subject matter, you'll find a great little dark comedy. I wouldn't say it's the best movie out there, but I laughed enough to recommend a rental if you can find it.

Finally, on Sunday we went to the theater to see Waitress in an effort to stay away from the giant crowds surrounding Pirates and Shrek. I know, you're probably thinking it's a 'chick flick'. But honestly, I loved this movie. It reminds you of why Keri Russel should be a real star. The supporting cast, especially Andy Griffith were all equally enjoyable. The movie is only being shown in a limited release, but I would highly recommend seeking it out if possible. Also of special note, the writer/director and co-star of the movie, Adrienne Shelly was brutally killed only months before the release of the movie. Some more info here. It's sad because, it looks like she had a promising career in front of her.

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Zombies stumble around San Francisco

This is pretty damn funny.

A horde of decaying zombies invaded San Francisco's downtown Apple store on Friday evening, hunting for brains, terrifying the customers, and gnawing on iMacs.

Pictures included......

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Tuesday - May 22, 2007

Foxy lady

We have some new residents at work..... these are the best pictures we could get without getting too close.

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Heroes season 1

The season finale of Heroes aired last night. I thought it was almost perfectly done. I won't give anything away in case you have it saved on your TiVo, but it does a great job of concluding certain storylines while opening up new ones. Looks like others agree....

Also if you have an Xbox 360, you can pick up some new Heroes gamerpics and a dashboard theme. I changed my picture to the exploding man, which you can see on my gamercard on the main page, or here. If you want to see a preview of the Heroes theme, featuring Isaac's artwork, here you go.

If you didn't catch the series, you can preorder the Season 1 DVD or HD DVD on Amazon. (ships Aug 28th.)

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Wednesday - May 16, 2007

'300' to Conquer Blu-ray, HD DVD This July

Being one of the few people that missed 300 in the theater, I'm excited that the HD-DVD version of 300 is hitting shelves in July.

'300' to Conquer Blu-ray, HD DVD This July | High-Def Digest

If you want to be notified by Amazon when it's available, check here.

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Tuesday - May 15, 2007

Radio stations part II

So, I received a reply from 96Rock's Program Manager:

Thanks for your feedback. We play well over 1,000 songs, and the way we look at it is that bands like Van Halen (of which we play over 25 songs from alone), AC/DC, Zeppelin and so on simply have a longer track record of hits and there's more to choose from.

That being said, we are playing all the new rock you mention in the e-mail - but I understand it's not as much as you'd like. We're always re-evaluating, and I thank you for your input.

Jay Nachlis
96rock Program Director

I appreciate the personalized reply, but it doesn't really change much.

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Monday - May 14, 2007

Radio stations

Why do radio stations in the RDU area suck so bad? The station that I listen to the most, 96Rock is the least offensive, but still annoys me. Why is there no station that will actually play new Rock music? I enjoy Led Zeppelin as much as the next guy, but that's why there is a classic rock station. Today, I actually sent a note to the program manager @ 96Rock because I'm tired of Van Halen (or the solo careers of Roth/Hagar). For example, check out today's playlist from midnight to 10AM.


12:07 AM - Van Halen Unchained
1:17 AM - Van Halen Take Your Whiskey Home
4:08 AM - Van Halen Everybody Wants Some!!!
5:29 AM - Van Halen Oh, Pretty Woman
7:48 AM - Van Halen Jump
9:08 AM - Sammy Hagar There's Only One Way To Rock
9:54 AM - Van Halen Dancing In The Streets

I mean come on, there's new singles out there from major bands that I've never heard on 96Rock. Example, Linkin Park's new album hits tomorrow, and they haven't mentioned it at all. And forget hearing any small/indie bands. Maybe it's time to finally get XM....

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Thursday - May 10, 2007

New 360 Dashboard update

MS released an update to the 360 today, and it's got some neat features. Check the link for details: Xbox 360 Fanboy.

The IM features don't really interest me much, but the auto-off and low-power download mode are great. That makes it nice and easy when downloading large HD movies. I also like the fact that the dashboard now tells you the name of the game in the drive... nice touch.

On a related note, Double Dragon hit Xbox Live Arcade, and the Forza 2 demo also is available for download.

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Friday - May 4, 2007

ASU update

And just like that, the old press box is gone at Kidd Brewer Stadium. Construction of the new facilities will begin shortly.... More details here.

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