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Friday - February 24, 2006

Curling takes the US by storm

The US Men's Curling team took the bronze this morning, with their first ever medal. I found myself watching more Curling matches than any of the other sports, and I'm glad to see it becoming more popular. In a particularly interesting event, during the 6th end, they had a streaker run onto the ice. CNN has a picture here. I hope he got paid well....heh.

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Wednesday - February 22, 2006

Kitties are fine

Took Maggie and Blue to the vet on Monday for their annual checkups. Everything looked good, and probably to Steve's disappointment, Maggie lost 14oz since last year. Maggie had a little eye drainage, so the doctor gave us some antibiotics just as a precaution. Well, lets just say they upset her stomach and we won't be giving her anymore......ick

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Tuesday - February 21, 2006

Legend of Zelda celebrates 20th anniversary

The original 'The Legend of Zelda' for the NES went on sale 20 years ago. PTB has a write-up here. This was the first video game I owned (other than Super Mario Brothers/Duck Hunt) and it always brings back fond memories. It's hard to believe that was 20 years ago.......

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Monday - February 20, 2006

No comment

Went to Target yesterday, and the guy in the checkout line in front of me was buying KY Lubricant and a box of Kleenex. That's it, nothing else. I'll leave that one alone.

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Friday - February 17, 2006


Earlier this week, two new Guns N' Roses songs were leaked onto the internet. The story can be found here, and was mentioned on Howard Stern too. I've heard IRS, and wasn't terribly impressed. Now there's some indication that this isn't a final cut, and Axl's voice isn't mixed properly. I hope that's the case, because the lyrics are very tough to pick out.

I hope the album is good, even though it doesn't include any of the original band except for Axl. If you want to hear the other guys, you can always check out Velvet Revolver.

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Wednesday - February 15, 2006

Relay for Life

My sister is once again running in the Relay For Life sponsored by the American Cancer Society. She did such a good job last year, that now she is team captain of the Microbiology Graduate Student Association's Relay for Life team at UGA. (that doesn't sound nerdy at all).

If you want to donate to a good cause, check out her site here.

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Love is in the Air

Even WoW is celebrating Valentine's Day (sorry Dave). They have special events ending today. You can find details here. One of the rarer items is this black dress that I found for Norlina. I also got a red version after a quest, but it is apparently easier to find. Neither serve any functional purpose, but it does make her stand out in a crowd.

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Tuesday - February 14, 2006

Happy Valentine's Day

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Monday - February 13, 2006

ASU Football schedule set

The 2006 football schedule for Appalachian has been announced:

Sept. 2, at N.C. State
Sept. 9, James Madison
Sept. 16, Mars Hill
Sept. 23, at Gardner-Webb
Sept. 30, Elon - Homecoming
Oct. 7, at Chattanooga
Oct. 14, Wofford
Oct. 21, at Georgia Southern
Oct. 28, Furman
Nov. 4, The Citadel
Nov. 11, at Western Carolina.

The Winston-Salem Journal has a writeup.

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Olympic sendoff

Last night we went to see the Hurricanes "Olympic Sendoff" night. The NHL will be on hiatus until after the Olympics are complete. The Canes have 8 players, and 1 coach heading to Torino.

It was a very exciting game, and the Canes won in a 6-man shootout. The full game recap can be found here. It was great to see the sellout crowd of 18,730 at the sendoff, but I have to admit there was a fairly heavy Sabres fanbase in attendance.

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Tuesday - February 7, 2006


I'm in class all week, so website updates may be a little sparse.

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