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Wednesday - November 30, 2005

I love my peanut remote

I'll pay anyone that can figure out a way to program new devices into a standard TiVo peanut remote. I don't care if it's using a 'learning' capability, or even a JP1 interface....just find something. :) Unfortunately there are no codes for one of the TVs in my house, and I love the peanut too much to give it up for any universal remote.

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TiVo Beta photos

Zatz Not Funny has some interesting pictures of the new TiVo OS that features integration with Yahoo. Get the full story here.

UPDATE: That was quick, these features are now available. Details here.

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Tuesday - November 29, 2005

More pictures

Just finished uploading more pictures of Kate Marie here. Sorry for the delay.

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Saturday - November 26, 2005

ASU advances to quarterfinals

We went to Boone today to watch ASU beat Lafayette 34-23. GOASU.com has the highlights here. The weather was beautiful considering the time of year. It was a great game, although it was a lot closer than I would have preferred. App's special teams definitely had issues with turnovers and kick returns. We had a great time, and already purchased our tickets for next week.

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Thursday - November 24, 2005

My favorite niece

Kate Marie Patton was born today at 3:39 PM. She weighed in at 9lbs and 21 inches. Julie (Lara's sister), Dan and Kate are all doing well. I'll post more pictures when possible.

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Tuesday - November 22, 2005


Last night, we went to see Trans-Siberian Orchestra for the second year in a row. This time it was at the RBC center, and was a much larger crowd of 5,000+ fans. This time we took Scott and Anna. I won't bore you with all the details, the show was pretty similar to last year.

On a related note, check out this sweet light display set to the music of TSO.

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Monday - November 21, 2005

AT&T Cingular fun continues

OK, so Cingular buys AT&T Wireless, moves all the 'old' AT&T users over, and now Cingular is going to take the AT&T name. Oh and SBC will be AT&T too. Now that's not the least bit confusing. Details on the evolution of AT&T here.

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Server Side Includes

This weekend, I was playing around with SSI on my website. SSI allows you to dynamically insert pages, or even CGI scripts into a regular webpage. For a better explanation, check wikipedia. Below is the 'easy' guide for getting SSI to work with Movable Type.

1) Verify your provider supports SSI. Create a file (test.shtml) and paste in the following code. (notice the .shtml extension)

<title>SSI Test</title>

<!--#echo var="DATE_LOCAL" -->

You can see the results of the output here.

2) Assuming the test worked, you now need to change Movable Type's template settings to save files as .shtml. In this example, I'm changing the main index file.

3) Change any other templates as needed and rebuild your site.
4) Manually delete the old .html files from your site (this is not totally necessary, but makes your directories less cluttered)
5) Finally, if Apache does not recognize index.shtml as a start page automatically, you can edit httpd.conf, or add the following to the site's .htaccess file "DirectoryIndex index.shtml index.html index.htm"

Now that you have MT using SSI, check around for some common uses such as here and here.

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Sunday - November 20, 2005

ASU picked as #2 seed

Today, the 1-AA playoff brackets were announced. Appalachian took the #2 seed, and will play Lafayette in Boone, NC next Saturday. You can buy tickets online at ticketreturn.com. Tickets will go on sale around 3PM on Sunday. Southern Conference powerhouses Furman and Georgia Southern also made it in with at-large bids.

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Saturday - November 19, 2005


With a 52-14 slaughter vs. Elon, Appalachian wins its first outright Southern Conference title in 10 years. That should ensure at least 1 or 2 home playoff games in Boone. I'll probably try to make it back to Boone for the first round, unless something unexpected happens.

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Thursday - November 17, 2005


I guess it's officially the beginning of Winter. With the cold front that moved in last night, they started making snow around 3AM at Appalachian Ski Mountain.

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Wednesday - November 16, 2005

xbox 360 guts

So anandtech acquired a shiny new xbox 360, and then ripped it open to show us the guts. Lots of pictures included in the article here. The site is running a little slow right now due to the increased traffic.

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Interesting dining

Last night, along with some coworkers, I went to City Beverage in Durham. I had the Rockin' Moroccan Chicken as a meal, and I also recommend the Chips and Salsa and Chile Rellanos as appetizers. Overall the food was very good (especially the Peanut Butter tart for dessert). The restaurant itself is a strange mix of a local bar, along with a more upscale dining establishment. The prices are not cheap, but not as expensive as a high-end steak restaurant. They have a large selection of beer on tap, but my cocktail was pretty weak. Overall, I'd probably recommend the place if you're in the area. Triangle.com has an older review here.

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Monday - November 14, 2005

Happy Birthday Lara!

Today is my loving wife's birthday. Be sure to harass her.

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Friday - November 11, 2005

Review of the R15 DirecTV DVR

ebonovic has posted a fantastic review of the new R15 'tivo replacement' over at TCF. Includes lots of yummy pictures. Check it out.

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Wednesday - November 9, 2005

Kinda sad

Bye-bye Broome-Kirk.....

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Tuesday - November 8, 2005

That was quick

According to Local6, the Panthers cheerleaders have been fired from the team. Also, Penthouse has already approached the pair to see if they would pose together in the magazine. Nice.

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Monday - November 7, 2005

Headline says it all....

Police: Cheerleaders Arrested After Alleged Sex In Bathroom, Fight

Police said Carolina Panthers cheerleaders Angela Keathley and Renee Thomas were arrested Sunday morning at Banana Joe's night club in Tampa. Tampa police reports showed the two women were having sex in a bathroom stall......

I'll keep quiet before I get myself in trouble.....

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Wednesday - November 2, 2005

ASU ranked #7

The USA Today Division I-AA Top 25 college football coaches poll has ASU ranked at #7 this week after their recent win against Chatanooga. Sweet. Conference rival Furman moved up to the #1 spot.

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Halloween Peeps

Looks like they messed up the classic Peep formula by adding chocolate to the Halloween version. Full review here.

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Tuesday - November 1, 2005

Check out the new Library

Next time you're in Boone, be sure to check out the new Library. And no, I'm not talking about Belk Library, I'm talking about the The Library Food and Spirits. Unfortunately I didn't have time to check it out when we were in town last weekend, but I hear it has great food. Oh one minor detail, all the waitresses are dressed up in a modified Catholic schoolgirl uniform. Of course, there's already been protests. Judging by the crowds, a couple protests didn't hurt their business. I'll add it to my list of places to visit next time I'm in town.

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